Who is working on the Unified Plan?


Wellesley Residents

Any and all Wellesley residents are invited to contribute to the Wellesley Unified Plan. Get involved now. 

FAQ: Public Engagement and the Unified Plan

Wellesley Unified Plan Steering Committee

FAQ: Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities

The following members make up the Wellesley UP Steering Committee, which work directly with Town staff and the consultants to guide the planning process. 

  • Kathleen Woodward, Advisory Committee
  • Marcia Testa-Simonson, Board of Health
  • Owen Dugan, Board of Public Works
  • Ellen Gibbs, Board of Selectmen
  • Marjorie Freiman, Board of Selectmen
  • Barbara McMahon, Community Preservation Committee
  • Ann Marie Gross, Council on Aging
  • Amir Kripper, Design Review Board
  • David Smith, Historic District Commission
  • Diogo Teixeira, Historical Commission
  • John Roslansky, Human Resources Board
  • Ann-Mara Lanza, Library Trustees
  • Dave Donohue, Municipal Light Plant Board
  • Lise Olney, Natural Resources Commission
  • Larry Shind, Permanent Building Committee
  • Deborah Carpenter, Planning Board
  • Harriet Warshaw, Planning Board
  • Tripp Sheehan, Playing Fields Task Force
  • Mark Wolfson, Recreation Commission
  • Michael D’Ortenzio, School Committee
  • Katy Gibson, Sustainable Energy Committee
  • Miguel Lessing, Trails Committee
  • Don Kelley, Wellesley Housing Authority
  • Bob Kenney, Wellesley Housing Development Corp
  • Richard Howell, Wetlands Protection Committee
  • Chris Cavallerano, Youth Commission
  • Derek Redgate, Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Hal Marcus, At-large
  • Chris Shedd, At-large
  • Regina LaRocque, At-large
  • Joellen Toussaint, At-large
  • Demian Wendrow, At-large
  • David Himmelberger, At-large
  • KC Kato, At-large
  • Thomas Ulfelder, At-large
  • Heather Sawitsky, At-large
  • Hans Fischman, At-large
  • Michael Tartamella, At-large
  • William Giezentanner, At-large
  • Marlene Allen, At-large
  • Dennis DiSchino, At-large
  • Susan Pinto, At-large
  • Kathleen Nagle, At-large
  • Laura Rodormer, At-large
  • Bongani "Bobo" Musikavanhu, At-large
  • Steve Yang, At-large
  • Michelle Chalmers, At-large

Town Staff 

The following Town Staff employees are assisting with the Unified Plan effort:

Project Management Group

The following members make up the Project Management Group that oversees the consultant team. 

  • Ellen Gibbs, Board of Selectmen
  • Marjorie Freiman, Board of Selectmen
  • Deborah Carpenter, Planning Board
  • Harriet Warshaw, Planning Board
  • Michael Zehner, Planning Director
  • Meghan Jop, Deputy Executive Director
  • James Ryan, Finance and Budget Analyst

Consultant Team

Jane Wiseman

Institute for Excellence in Government

Daphne Politis

Community Circle