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The Town of Wellesley is currently preparing a Unified Plan, which is a combination of a Comprehensive Plan and a Town-wide Strategic Plan. Over the next year and a half, the Unified Plan will identify the visions and priorities of Wellesley residents and set goals and priorities for issues ranging from land use planning, economic development, housing, transportation, and education, to Town government operations and finance. 

The Unified Plan will be created collaboratively by Wellesley residents, Town staff and members of the Town’s boards and commissions. Over the coming months, the Town of Wellesley will be asking you­—and your family, friends, and neighbors—to help plan for our town’s future. Together we will write a Unified Plan to create a livable, innovative and fiscally-sound tomorrow.



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There are many ways to get involved with Wellesley’s Unified Plan. Contribute your voice and shape the Plan!  

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A Unified Plan is a unique combination of two kinds of plans: a comprehensive plan and a town-wide strategic plan. 

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Download the latest Wellesley Unified Plan drafts, documents, presentations and other materials. 



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