What is a Unified Plan?

A Unified Plan is a process and a document to guide town decision-making over the next ten to twenty years. A community-based process will identify what we want to preserve, what we want to change, our vision and priorities for the future, and how we can best work together to achieve the vision. The document will describe where we are today, the trends that will affect us in the future; our vision, goals, and priorities, and the strategies to achieve them; and an action plan that identifies the What?—How?—Who?—When?—How Much? to implement the strategies.

What's "Unified" about it?

The Unified Plan combines an update of Wellesley’s comprehensive plan for the physical development of the town with a strategic framework for Town government operations to support implementation of the plan and provide excellent and fiscally-prudent town services. The document will integrate and cross-reference the strategic plan for town government operations with comprehensive plan elements and implementation, as well as provide a specific section on strategies to enhance the effectiveness of Town government.

What makes it community-based?

At the foundation of the plan are town-wide values and a set of goals for the future based on community dialogue and discussion. Residents, business owners, and others with a stake in Wellesley’s future are invited to participate in a series of interactive public workshops and discussions, surveys and other activities on the project website, and accompany the work of the Unified Plan Steering Committee.


Who's on the Unified Plan steering committee?

See the full list of Steering Committee members here. 27 elected and appointed members represent 25 Boards, Commissions, Committees and Task Forces of Town government, and 20 At-Large volunteer members represent Wellesley stakeholders.