Who is working on the Unified Plan?


Wellesley Residents

Any and all Wellesley residents are invited to contribute to the Wellesley Unified Plan. Get involved now. 

FAQ: Public Engagement and the Unified Plan

Wellesley Unified Plan Steering Committee

FAQ: Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Through the course of the development of the Unified Plan, the following individuals have participated on the Wellesley UP Steering Committee, which works directly with Town staff and the consultants to guide the planning process. 

  • Kathleen Woodward, Advisory Committee
  • Marcia Testa-Simonson, Board of Health
  • Carol Hannenberg, Board of Health
  • Owen Dugan, Board of Public Works
  • Paul Criswell, Board of Public Works
  • Ellen Gibbs, Board of Selectmen
  • Marjorie Freiman, Board of Selectmen
  • Barbara McMahon, Community Preservation Committee
  • Ann Marie Gross, Council on Aging
  • Diane Campbell, Council on Aging
  • Amir Kripper, Design Review Board
  • David Smith, Historic District Commission
  • Diogo Teixeira, Historical Commission
  • Robert Carley, Historical Commission
  • John Roslansky, Human Resources Board
  • John Hussey, Human Resources Board
  • Ann-Mara Lanza, Library Trustees
  • Ann Howley, Library Trustees
  • Dave Donohue, Municipal Light Plant Board
  • Lise Olney, Natural Resources Commission
  • Raina McManus, Natural Resources Commission
  • Larry Shind, Permanent Building Committee
  • Suzy Littlefield, Permanent Building Committee
  • Deborah Carpenter, Planning Board
  • Harriet Warshaw, Planning Board
  • Tripp Sheehan, Playing Fields Task Force
  • Mark Wolfson, Recreation Commission
  • Bettina Eikeboom, Recreation Commission
  • Michael D’Ortenzio, School Committee
  • Tony Bent, School Committee
  • Katy Gibson, Sustainable Energy Committee
  • Miguel Lessing, Trails Committee
  • Denny Nackoney, Trails Committee
  • Don Kelley, Wellesley Housing Authority
  • Maura Renzella, Wellesley Housing Authority
  • Bob Kenney, Wellesley Housing Development Corp
  • Dona Kemp, Wellesley Housing Development Corp
  • Richard Howell, Wetlands Protection Committee
  • Peter Jones, Wetlands Protection Committee
  • Chris Cavallerano, Youth Commission
  • Derek Redgate, Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Hal Marcus, At-large
  • Chris Shedd, At-large
  • Regina LaRocque, At-large/Natural Resources Commission
  • Joellen Toussaint, At-large
  • Demian Wendrow, At-large
  • David Himmelberger, At-large
  • KC Kato, At-large
  • Thomas Ulfelder, At-large
  • Heather Sawitsky, At-large
  • Hans Fischman, At-large
  • Michael Tartamella, At-large
  • William Giezentanner, At-large
  • Marlene Allen, At-large
  • Dennis DiSchino, At-large
  • Kathleen Nagle, At-large
  • Laura Rodormer, At-large
  • Bongani "Bobo" Musikavanhu, At-large
  • Steve Yang, At-large
  • Michelle Chalmers, At-large

Town Staff 

The following Town Staff employees are assisting with the Unified Plan effort:

Project Management Group

The following members make up the Project Management Group that oversees the consultant team. 

  • Ellen Gibbs, Board of Selectmen
  • Marjorie Freiman, Board of Selectmen
  • Deborah Carpenter, Planning Board
  • Harriet Warshaw, Planning Board
  • Michael Zehner, Planning Director
  • Meghan Jop, Deputy Executive Director

Consultant Team

Jane Wiseman

Institute for Excellence in Government

Daphne Politis

Community Circle